We are partnering with the Athens Farmers Market to bring you our...

Online Farm Stand!

***The ordering window for the week of April 6 will open Wednesday afternoon and close Friday at noon. ***

If you would like to be notified when the farm stand opens.....

Because of the recent pandemic, the Farmers Market was not able to open as scheduled... but you've still got to eat! We are trying to make it as easy and safe as possible for you to get healthy local food and support our community of local farms and producers. 

With our Online Farm Stand, you can place an order online and pick it up or get it delivered the following week! 

Anyone can place a one-time order, with no further commitment.

What is available: The best local food! Sustainably grown produce, pastured eggs, milk, humanely raised meat, butter, jam, bread, kombucha and more! Scroll down for a little more info about our offerings.

When: The Online Farm Stand will open on Wednesday and close Friday at noon for pickup or delivery the following week. If you would like to be notified when The Farm Stand opens for orders, sign up for our newsletter.

Where: Choose from several pickup times at our headquarters (940 W. Broad St.), Tuesday through Friday. We are providing a drive-through service--- just pull up in your car (or bike or shoes) and we will bring your pre-bagged order out to you. You can also choose from one of several home delivery slots. See schedule here. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get to choose what I get? 

Yes, we are offering everything a la carte. Just pick your items, add to your basket and place your order. One thing that is different than the farmers market is that you will not get to choose which farm you are buying produce from-- we are combining the farm produce, and will divide the orders fairly between the farms. Also, at this time, we are not able to offer choice of variety on many items. For instance, if you add "Kale, 1/2 lb bunch" to your order, you may receive Lacinato, Red Russian, Curly, or another variety. 

In addition to produce, we offer TONS of non-produce items from local artisans and producers, including meat, eggs, butter, bread, milk, jam and lots lots more! Scroll down for more info. on our offerings.

How will I pay?

You will be asked to enter credit or debit card information at check out. Your payment will go through on Tuesday of the week you receive your order. There is a $4 service fee to place an order. However, if you look through our offerings and decide not to order anything, you will not be charged the $4.

Is there a fee for home delivery?

Yes, there is a $7 charge for deliveries within the loop, and $10 charge for some addresses outside the loop. 

Click here to see our pickup and home delivery schedule.

Here's what we're offering:

Local, sustainably grown produce from:

Cedar Grove Farm, Diamond Hill Farm, Fry Farm, Hearts of Harvest, Hickory Hill Farm, Lazy Willow Farm, McMullan Family Farm, R&R Secret Farm, and Sundance Farm

This time of year you can expect:




Bok Choy



Green Garlic



Mustard Greens


Pea Shoots




Spicy Salad Mix


Potted Plants


... and more!

Dozens of other locally made products

Farm Fresh:




Grains and Breads:

Dayspring Farms

The Farmcart

H&F Bread Co.

Independent Baking Co. 

Luna Baking Co.


Banner Butter

Hobo Cheese Co.

Rock House Creamery

Meats and Broth:

Back in Time Farm

Caribe United Farm

Falling Creek Farm

Old Cotton Hill Farm

Rock House Creamery

Stonethrow Farm

Other Awesome Local Goodies:

1000 Faces Coffee

Figment Kombucha

Jittery Joe's Coffee

Moons Grove Farm

Nedza's Doughnuts

Phickles Pickles

Piedmont Provisions


... and many more!

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