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Diamond Hill Farm | Athens, GA

Carter and Shelley Dodd


Carter Dodd, owner and operator of Diamond Hill Farm is entering his 8th year of the adventure that is farming.  This season is special, as Carter and his wife Shelley had twin boys in January 2018 and have moved their family and farm to a new property in East Athens.  This new property has none of the infrastructure that they had developed over the years, but the potential is absolutely amazing!  They are planting a fruit orchard, vines and berries, more perennials, and MORE Vegetables!


The new farm will have roughly 3.5 acres in production with some room to grow over time.  Diamond Hill Farm will look to surpass its past production and maintain the high quality produce that the customers of Collective Harvest and the Athens Farmers Market have come to expect.  ​Carter serves as the President of the Athens Farmers Market and Diamond Hill Farm was a founding member/owner of Collective Harvest.  With clean food grown with lots of thought and love at the forefront of their operation, the Dodd Family firmly believes that locally grown, sustainably raised vegetables cannot be matched in quality and flavor by the mass producers.


 In addition to the Collective Harvest CSA, you can find Diamond Hill Farm produce at the Athens Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Contact Carter and Shelley at, and follow them on Instagram @diamondhillfarm and on Facebook here.

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