Full Moon Farm | Winterville, GA

Iwalani and Mike Farfour

full moon farm.jpg

Full Moon Farm started as a collective of sustainable fruit and vegetable farms founded in 2002 by a group of farmers, ecologists, culinary artists, activists, and educators. Now a family owned business, run by Iwalani and Mike Farfour, it provides the local community with an experience that honors the ancient and fundamental connections between food, land and people. 


They practice organic farming techniques and are Certified Naturally Grown. Not only do they farm but they also celebrate their vegetables with their local food truck, the Farm Cart. 2019 brings a year of change and regrowth, as they are moving their farm to new land and are not currently growing vegetables for Collective Harvest.


You can still find them on the Farm Cart, and we hope to see them back in production in a few years. Contact them at  fullmooncooperative@gmail.com.