Let Us Compost

Turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich soil for our community 

We are teaming up with Let Us Compost to offer CSA members a practical and productive solution for dealing with food scraps. The folks at LUC provide a full-scale composting solution that turns organic byproduct into nutrient-rich soil for our community.
Collective Harvest and LUC are a natural complement to one another — we represent both sides of the farm-to-table-to-farm cycle. By pooling our resources and member lists, we are able to provide a full circle offering to our members. Nutrient-rich food scrap is upcycled into life-giving soil that is returned to the farmer for the next crop cycle. Separately, we each do something good for the local community, but together, we can do something great!

CSA Members who have never tried LUC can get one month of free curbside compostables collection. More information provided upon signup.‚Äč

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