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Diamond Hill Farm - Hull, GA
​Carter and Shelley Dodd

Carter Dodd, owner and operator of Diamond Hill Farm is entering his 8th year of the adventure that is farming.  This season is special, as Carter and his wife Shelley had twin boys in January 2017 and have moved their family and farm to a new property in East Athens.  This new property has none of the infrastructure that they had developed over the years, but the potential is absolutely amazing!  They are planting a fruit orchard, vines and berries, more perennials, and MORE Vegetables! The new farm will have roughly 3.5 acres in production with some room to grow over time.  Diamond Hill Farm will look to surpass its past production and maintain the high quality produce that the customers of Collective Harvest and the Athens Farmers Market have come to expect. 
​Carter serves as the President of the Athens Farmers Market and Diamond Hill Farm was a founding member/owner of Collective Harvest.  With clean food grown with lots of thought and love at the forefront of their operation, the Dodd Family firmly believes that locally grown, sustainably raised vegetables cannot be matched in quality and flavor by the mass producers.
In addition to the Collective Harvest CSA, you can find Diamond Hill Farm produce at the Athens Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Contact Carter and Shelley at, and follow them on Instagram @diamondhillfarm and on Facebook here.


Front Field Farm - Winterville, GA

Jacqui Coburn and Alex Rilko

"Front Field Farm is the realization of a life-long journey. We take the best ideas and techniques we've learned and apply them to our certified organic produce and flowers."


Jacqui Coburn and Alex Rilko established Front Field Farm in 2009 on 1 ¼ acres in Covington, GA. They quickly learned that the demand for local, healthy and organic food was out pacing their existing acreage and needed more room to grow.  In 2012, they found their new farmland in Winterville, GA, and moved the farm.  This piece of land was slated to be the second phase of a 60 house subdivision.  Fortunately, Jacqui and Alex had the opportunity to save the land and keep it in agriculture, as it had been for many years.  They are currently farming on 4 acres there and at the beginning of 2019 began the process of expanding their operation by including the neighboring Full Moon Farm land.  They plan to "increase flower production like crazy" and we couldn't be more excited to see more of their beautiful blooms this year.They love being part of this awesome community of small sustainable farms and artisan producers. For more info, check out their Facebook page or find them on Instagram @frontfieldfarm.

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Full Moon Farm - Winterville,GA

Iwalani and Mike Farfour

Full Moon Farm started as a collective of sustainable fruit and vegetable farms founded in 2002 by a group of farmers, ecologists, culinary artists, activists, and educators. Now a family owned business, run by Iwalani and Mike Farfour, it provides the local community with an experience that honors the ancient and fundamental connections between food, land and people.  They practice organic farming techniques and are Certified Naturally Grown. Not only do they farm but they also celebrate their vegetables with their local food truck, the Farm Cart. 2019 brings a year of change and regrowth, as they are moving their farm to new land and are not currently growing vegetables for Collective Harvest. You can still find them on the Farm Cart, and we hope to see them back in production in a few years. Contact them at

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Hickory Hill Farm - Carlton,GA

Gary and Susan Shaw, Josh and Jennifer Johns

“The land is important to us and how we treat it is what will determine if it can produce healthy food for generations to come.” 


Hickory Hill Farm is a generational family farm and is owned and operated by Gary and Susan Shaw and their daughter and her husband, Jennifer and Josh Johns. Jennifer is the sixth generation to farm the land. The farm is a 204-acre tract of land that was given as a land grant by the State of Georgia. Susan's family can be traced back to 1780 on the land. In 2009, the family made the decision to move the farm into an organic, sustainable, vegetable operation and at that time Hickory Hill Farm was established. Gary, Susan, Jennifer and Josh are attempting to recover a way of life for their family and save their generation heritage in farming.


Hickory Hill currently has eight acres under USDA Organic Certification and is growing fruit and vegetables year-round for organic markets and the Collective Harvest CSA. The family's future plan is to enter the organic meat production business as well. They currently have cattle, as well as sheep, pigs and 150 Rhode Island Red chickens for egg production. Gary and Susan are most excited to introduce their grandchildren to sustainable farming and land management. Josh and Jennifer now have three children, and their hope is to pass healthy, viable land on to them one day to own and manage their own farming endeavors. For more on Hickory Hill Farm, check out their Facebook page or find them on Instagram @hickoryhillfarmga.

Fry Farm - Bethlehem, GA

Steve, Vicky, and Matt Fry

​Fry Farm is owned and operated by the Fry family (Vicky, Steve, and Matt) in Bethlehem, Georgia.  The Fry family has been gardening and growing food for decades, and their passion for producing and eating local, organically grown fruits and vegetables drove them to make their products available to the public.  They find great joy in providing the absolute freshest, cleanest produce possible.  They have built strong relationships with customers who trust them.  Fry Farm takes a personal responsibility to provide the highest quality food around. For more information, check out their website, their Facebook page or their Instagram @fryfarm

Sundance Farm - Danielsville, GA

​Ed Janosik

Ed has been farming and selling fruits and vegetables for the past 20 years-- full time for the past 10 years. Before he started, he had always known he wanted to farm something-- cattle, fish, fruit, alligators, trees-- he just didn't know what. Once he started a family, he started growing vegetables, fruit and animals for his own sustainable food supply. This eventually turned into the small organic farm known as Sundance. When asked about the most rewarding aspect of farming, Ed said: "The best thing about farming is that for me it's not really a job as much as it is a lifestyle. Growing most of the food my family eats is quite rewarding and humbling. Knowing what it takes to get from seed to table is priceless. Being fascinated with seeds since first planting them as a child in my parents' garden, farming gives me endless opportunities to witness the seed miracle occur."Find Sundance on Instagram or Facebook.

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Lazy Willow Farm - Washington, GA


Ben and Melissa LeGette

When Ben LeGette returned to his hometown from culinary school he wanted to provide the same level of excellent quality vegetables he found in Europe. What started as a side project quickly morphed into a full time farm and Lazy Willow was born in 2008 in Wilkes County. Siblings, Ben and Melissa tend two acres of vegetables with eighteen acres left to their small flock of sheep. The driving force has always been about the food and providing interesting, unique vegetables not easily found in the grocery store that taste amazing. Lazy Willow Farm is on Instagram @lazywillowfarm and Facebook.

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