Sundance Farm |  Danielsville, GA

​Ed Janosik


Ed has been farming and selling fruits and vegetables for the past 20 years-- full time for the past 10 years. Before he started, he had always known he wanted to farm something-- cattle, fish, fruit, alligators, trees-- he just didn't know what. Once he started a family, he started growing vegetables, fruit and animals for his own sustainable food supply. This eventually turned into the small organic farm known as Sundance. 

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of farming, Ed said: "The best thing about farming is that for me it's not really a job as much as it is a lifestyle. Growing most of the food my family eats is quite rewarding and humbling. Knowing what it takes to get from seed to table is priceless. Being fascinated with seeds since first planting them as a child in my parents' garden, farming gives me endless opportunities to witness the seed miracle occur."

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