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When you purchase a Collective Harvest CSA share, you're not just signing up for a box of veggies-- you'll also be able to order all sorts of other products from our favorite local artisans.


It's easy--- just add them to your basket when you receive your weekly customization email. 


Additionally, some products are available as add-on shares, meaning you can sign up to receive them for whole season in addition to your produce share! For more info on add-on shares, click here.

Select the awesome local producer below to learn more. 


Local Eggs and Dairy

Bloodroot Collective

Banner Butter

Caribe United Farm

Fry Farm

Old Cotton Hill

Rock House Creamery

Hobo Cheese

Local Meats and Broth

Back in Time Farm

Caribe United Farm

Falling Creek Farm

Old Cotton Hill

Rock House Creamery

Bread and Grains

Dayspring Farm

H&F Bread Co.

Independent Baking Co.

Luna Baking Co.

Other Farm Products

Ally Bee's Honey

Bear Hug Honey Co.

Fortner Farm

Other Awesome Local Goodies

1000 Faces Coffee

Cultured Traditions

Condor Chocolate​

Daily Groceries Co-op

Figment Kombucha

Georgia Grinders

Heartsong Herbs

Jittery Joe's Coffee

Mesca Sweet

Moon's Grove Farm

Montane Sparkling Water

New Creation Soda Works

Oscar Bites Dog Treats

Piedmont Provisions

Phickles Pickles


Local Eggs and Dairy

dozen eggs.JPG
duck eggs.PNG

Local Eggs


Pasture-raised Chicken Eggs from Fry Farm

These eggs have a dark, rich yolks and come from happy chickens who enjoy plenty of sunshine and room to roam.

Pasture-raised Duck Eggs from 

Bloodroot Collective

Larger than chicken eggs, the taste of a duck egg is a bit creamier and richer. They also have a higher protein content than chicken eggs, which will give you fluffier cakes, taller meringue peaks, and lighter cookies. 

Banner Butter

Our small-batch butter is made right here in Georgia. They start with fresh cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows and patiently ripen it to form good bacteria that gives it deep, complex undertones. Then it is slowly churned to create an extraordinary product that will make you rethink butter. Check out Banner Butter's recipe blog!

Banner sea salt.jpg

Sea Salt

Delicious hand-harvested sea salt is delicately sprinkled into our cultured, small-batch churned butter, creating an exceptional flavor and texture in this time-honored classic.

Banner roasted-garlic.jpg

Roasted Garlic, Basil, and Parsley: 

Made with the freshest basil in season, and the freshest garlic. The garlic bulbs are slowly roasted in low heat until they are tender and sweet. Best seller! This makes anything taste good. 

banner cinnamon-cardamom.jpg

Cinnamon, Cardamom and Ginger

Cinnamon, ginger, and freshly ground cardamom are swirled into the freshest butter along with a touch of sugar. Perfect on sweet potatoes!

balsamic fig butter.PNG

Balsamic Fig and Caramelized Onion

Red onions are slowly cooked in olive oil until they are tender and caramelized. Then, figs are simmered in aged balsamic vinegar and a touch of sugar. These ingredients are whirled into our freshest butter with an added pinch of salt.

red pepper butter.PNG

Red Pepper Mash

A fan favorite! Try this fermented Fresno pepper butter with a smoky, warm heat on steak, seafood, veggies, you name it! 

Rock House Creamery

An artisan creamery located in Newborn, GA. What makes Rock House different? Their cows are barn-free and pasture-raised, and the majority of their diet is grass. The milk goes from cow to bottle in 48 hours or less, and is minimally processed using traditional methods to create a true cream line milk that is flavorful and delicious. Rock House also uses a low-temperature pasteurization process that preserves healthy enzymes.

Rockhouse whole-milk.png

Whole Milk

All-natural, creamline milk and nothing else.

Rockhouse chocolate milk.png

Chocolate Milk

Premium dark cocoa powder and real cane sugar.

Rock House Buttermilk.PNG


Salted and cultured whole fat buttermilk

Rockhouse fromage.png


A fresh spreadable cheese that pairs well with just about anything. This fresh fromage spread is creamy and mildly salty and It’s light, fresh flavor and consistency makes it highly versatile. Use in place of sour cream or with your favorite appetizers or charcuterie.

Rock House Cheddar.PNG

Clack's Chapel Cheddar

Aged for a minimum of 9 months, this semi-firm cheddar has a pleasant, mild, slightly nutty flavor


Clack's Curds

Proof that southerners like cheese curds too! Mild and salty in flavor, these cheddar curds are best served at room temperature to achieve the signature squeakiness of fresh curds. Served fried, flavored or plain, cheddar curds can also be substituted for mozzarella in many recipes. 

Rock House Tomme.PNG

Concord Tomme

A semi-firm farmhouse cheese aged, with an intensely nutty flavor, aged a minimum of 90 days.

rock house gouda.PNG


Rock House's most popular cheese. Aged a minimum of 60 days, its aroma has subtle notes reflecting the pastures on which their cows graze. This Gouda is semi-smooth, creamy and dense, both sweet and nutty in flavor.

Rock House Ice cream.jpg

Ice Cream

Delicious, artisan ice cream made with fresh cream-line whole milk. Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Walnut, Bird Dog Becky, Strawberry, Coffee, Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin, Celebrate!, Buttermilk pie


Hobo Cheese Co.

A microcreamery located just outside of Atlanta, they craft small batch cheese by hand

Hobo Banjo.jpg


With a texture that is soft & smooth, Banjo is mild and buttery with a slight lactic tartness.

Black Truffle Banjo pic.jpg

Black Truffle Banjo

Soft, buttery Banjo whipped with Italian black truffles. Perfect to spread on crackers or a nice crusty loaf of bread or melted over pasta or vegetables.

Hobo Mulligan.jpg


Made in the style of traditional feta, Mulligan boasts a crumbly yet creamy texture, with a bright acidity and a pleasant saltiness. 

Local Meats and Broths

back in time bone broth.PNG

Chicken Bone Broth

from Back in Time Farms

 Certified Naturally Grown, soy-free pastured chicken bone broth. Comes frozen to preserve nutrition. 

caribe united logo.PNG

Chicken from Caribe United Farm

 Pasture-raised, organic chicken, raised with care in Oglethorpe. Options include: whole chicken, whole cockerel (rooster), boneless breast, bone-in breast and leg quarters. 

Falling Creek Farms logo.PNG

Grass-fed Ground Beef from Falling Creek Farms

100% Lifetime Grassfed, Grass-finished Beef.  No hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals in or on the cattle or on the land. 

Rock House logo.PNG

 Grassfed Beef Bones and Heritage Pork Sausage from Rock House Farm

A diverse farm located in Newborn, GA. The cows are pastured year round and the Berkshire hogs are raised in an open environment that combines woods and pasture. Berkshire hogs produce a higher quality pork with a darker color and greater marbling for optimum tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Sausage is available ground or in links in these flavors: Sweet Italian, Mild Italian, Habanero Mango, Brown Sugar, Mild Breakfast, Hot Breakfast, German, Chorizo, Andouille

Breads and Grains

Dayspring Farms

Family owned and operated in Danielsville, Dayspring's grains are grown, cleaned, and milled fresh on site to offer the most sustainably produced and highest quality product they possibly can and to help provide a healthy and more sustainable way of life for the surrounding community. 

Dayspring AP Flour.jpg

All Purpose Flour

A 50/50 blend of red and white wheat flours that has been sifted to remove the bran. Rich cream colored flour with a sweet smell and taste, excellent for a wide variety of baking applications.

Dayspring Cornmeal.jpg
Dayspring AP Flour.jpg

Stone Ground Cornmeal

Creamy yellow color and rich sweet flavor.  Excellent for skillet cornbread or fry batter mix.

Dayspring Cornmeal.jpg

Stone Ground Grits

A three corn blend of orange flint, yellow and white dent corn that produces a vividly colored and richly flavored product. A hearty southern classic.

bread flour dayspring.PNG

Stone milled hard red whole wheat bread flour

100% whole grain un-sifted flour. A high quality bread flour, produces a hearty loaf with dense rich nutty flavor.

Independent Baking Co.


Local artisanal bread! Pure ingredients, naturally leavened and patiently fermented to produce the flavor and texture the bread eaters everywhere have come to savor.

Classic Baguette.jpg

Classic Baguette

The quintessential modern French bread made only with unbleached flour, sea salt, and yeast



Made with the same dough as the baguette, but formed into a festive wheat stalk shape. Perfect for pulling apart at the table.

Country French.jpg

French Country

Mixed grain bread of the French countryside with stoneground wholegrain wheat, spelt, and rye flours. Made with heirloom whole wheat flour.

Pane pugliese.jpg
Rustic Baguette.jpg


The same flour mix as in French Country with the addition of a thick porridge of oats, millet, house-milled rye grits, three colors of quinoa, plus flax and sunflower seeds. Made with heirloom whole wheat flour.

Pane Pugliese

Rustic round loaves with complex fermented flavor from mixed wild and domestic yeast cultures

Rustic Baguette

Luna Baking Co.


Athens' beloved hometown bakery that supplies many of your favorite restaurants!


Sourdough Boule


Sourdough Pan Loaf


Sourdough Demi-Baguette


Marble Rye Pan Loaf


Rosemary & Sea Salt Epi


Multi-Grain Pan Loaf

Farm Fresh Products

Bear Hug Honey

Bear Hug Vanilla.jpg

Southern Spicy Sriracha

A Flavor of Georgia Finalist for 2018!

Sweet, Smokey, Spicy: The best of all possible worlds. Bear Hug infused southern grown chilies, a dash of vinegar, and a light, sweet honey to create a spinoff of Sriracha with a Southern flavor of depth and delight.


Perfect for topping off grilled salmon, pork or peaches, stir-fry vegetables, fruits, and sharp cheeses.

Bear Hug Sriracha.jpg

Vanilla bean 

Bear Hug's top seller!

Deep, rich, and warm in flavor, Bear Hug's Vanilla Bean Infused Honey is a very elegant honey. They use Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (the BEST Vanilla Beans in the world) to create their Vanilla Bean Infused Honey.

Try it in hot tea or coffee (with a book), drizzled over strong cheeses, spicy dishes, fruits, and vanilla ice cream. Let your imagination be your limit!


Fortner Farms Mushrooms


A small family run farm in north Georgia specializing in growing gourmet mushrooms.

Reconstitute dried mushrooms by soaking in warm water, wine or stock for around 20 minutes. Drain and use. You can also use the flavorful soaking liquid for use in stocks, soups or sauces! Dried mushrooms will reconstitute to 4-6 times their dry weight.

Fortner Oyster.jpg

Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Fortner Shiitake.jpg

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Fortner Moel.jpg

Dried Morels

Other Awesome Local Products!

lOOO Faces Coffee


1000 Faces roasts their beans right here in Athens and believes that respect for geographic origin, direct relationships, and ecological awareness are the basis for creating a more sustainable coffee culture. They work to establish relationships with both the customers and the growers to ensure the integrity of their product. 

1000 bell.jpg

Aldo's Blend

Earthy, dark chocolate, smooth, rich.

Roasted longer than their other blends, this is a rich, full-bodied coffee. 

bell's Blend

Brown sugar, nutty, smooth, rich.

Reminiscent of a nice trail mix and designed to be your "everyday go-to coffee"


Condor Chocolates

A "bean-to-bar" chocolate shop owned by brothers Peter and Nick Dale. An homage to their family history, the beans are grown in Ecuador and products are crafted with pride and integrity in Athens.

Condor Brownie.jpg

Salted Caramel Brownie

Delicious brownie made with Ecuadorian chocolate and succulent salted caramel. We recommend heating it up before serving. Usually a good 2 servings per brownie!

Cultured Traditions

Made by hand in Suwannee, all of their products are 100% raw, made using high quality organic ingredients and traditional fermentation methods.

CT Sauerkraut Garlic Pickle.jpg

Garlic Pickle Sauerkraut

CT Kimchi.jpg



Daily Groceries Co-op


Athens' only community-owned grocery store with intentionally sourced offerings


Daily Deli Original Hummus

We think this is the best hummus you can buy! Made only from whole ingredients. 

Daily V'egg.jpg

Daily Deli V'egg Salad

A tofu-based mock egg salad. Vegan-friendly but omnivores love it too! Tangy and addictive.


Figment Craft Kombucha

Figment 32 oz growler.png

Kombucha is a delicious probiotic beverage made by fermenting tea and sometimes adding juices, herbs and/or spices for flavor. It's a low-sugar drink packed with beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy digestive and immune system. As a live, raw probiotic beverage, naturally fermented kombucha must be refrigerated at all times. 

Figment Craft Kombucha operates out of Athens and uses a variety of seasonal ingredients. They take the word "craft" seriously, and their focus is creating the best possible product, regardless of time, labor or cost. They ferment each small batch using as many local ingredients as they can from small family farms or they forage them themselves. They source exceptional tea that is grown sustainably by small, independent growers in Asia. 


Georgia Grinders

Located in Atlanta, Georgia Grinders sources high quality, natural and Non-GMO ingredients. Their premium nut butters are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and flavor.

Grinders Creamy Peanut.jpg

Creamy Peanut Butter

Consisting of 2 simple ingredients, Georgia grown peanuts and sea salt. Peanuts are slow roasted and ground to a signature, creamy texture.

Grinders Crunchy Peanut.jpg

Crunch Peanut Butter

Consisting of 2 simple ingredients, Georgia grown peanuts and sea salt. Peanuts are slow roasted and ground to a signature, crunchy texture.

Grinders Pecan Peanut.jpg

Pecan Peanut Butter

Handcrafted in small batches using non-GMO Georgia Grown Pecans and Peanuts, and just a touch of sea salt.

Grinders Cinnemon Pecan Peanut.jpg

Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Peanut Butter

Like freshly made French toast! Handcrafted in small batches using non-GMO Georgia Grown Pecans and Peanuts, with a hint of pure Vanilla Bean and a sprinkle of Cinnamon.

Montane Sparkling Water


A Georgia-based company that is committed to conservation and purity. Their sparkling water is made from spring water-- not tap water-- and you won’t find any artificial sweeteners, calories, sugar or sodium in their products.




Phickles is a family owned and operated specialty food company in Athens, Ga.

phickles okra.jpg

Pickled Okra

Okra Pickled with Dill, Whole Garlic and Fresh Jalapeño

Phickles house pickles.jpg

House Pickles

Sliced Cucumbers Pickled with Fresh Dill, Whole Garlic and Fresh Jalapeño.

Piedmont Provisions 


Located in Winterville, their preserves are created using traditional methods and hand-hammered copper pots, which allow the true fruit flavor to shine without being overly processed.


This jam is sweet and full of strawberry flavor, but spicy on the backside.

Mango Thai Basil

One of the most interesting pepper jellies and a real crowd-pleaser paired with blue cheese. Add this to chicken or fish for a dish you won’t forget.

Peach Cobbler

Made with Pearson Farm peaches from Fort Valley, GA, this sweet preserve tastes just like Mom’s cobbler.

Peach Mint

Tastes just like summer! 

Rosemary Habanero

Rosemary and apples are blended with habaneros to create this tangy, sweet, and spicy jelly.