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Workplace Wellness

If you are a local business owner and are looking for an employee benefit that promotes wellness and sustainability initiatives, consider joining our Workplace Membership Program!


When you sign up, you and your employees will receive weekly produce boxes, delivered straight to your workplace. Giving your employees access to fresh local produce helps to promote a healthy food culture in your workplace, support local farmers and your community, and strengthen your business' commitment to environmental sustainability.

Some businesses choose to supplement the cost of a produce share for their employees, while some offer wellness "points" for it or simply coordinate the deliveries. There's no wrong way to do it-- let's chat and find out what's appropriate for your organization!


For more information, please contact us here.


A few words from one of our current Workplace Membership participants, W&A Engineering:

"W&A Engineering has partnered with Collective Harvest to bring fresh produce to our door! Supporting local farms is part of W&A’s Corporate Citizenship commitment to sustainability and the local economy. As part of that commitment, we encourage employees to participate and provide incentives through our wellness rewards program, Healthy Habits. During the Winter Session we ordered a company share to give non-subscribers a chance to try and see what they are missing. W&A loves Collective Harvest and what it stands for!”

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